Bio-Balance Health & Slimming System™

Getting to the skinny on being overweight.

On our Bio-Balance Health & Slimming System™ we will investigate and treat the various factors that cause fat storage. Our program was designed with the understanding that being overweight is not always the result of over eating, bad food choices or lack of physical activity. Under normal and healthy circumstances our body weight is appropriately set by specialized hormones and glands that function largely to prevent overeating, suppress fat storage and to maintain a healthy metabolism. However many influences beyond what you eat and how much you exercise can disrupt the balance of your hormones and glands that maintain body weight. They include:

  • Inflammation
  • Environmental toxins
  • Stress
  • Lack of sleep
  • Thyroid disorders
  • Depression
  • Imbalanced gut flora
  • Lipid disorders

If you’ve tried weight loss programs that don’t go beyond counting calories, designer meals, shakes, or appetite suppression, it’s likely no one has evaluated and addressed why you store fat. It’s time lay aside excessively restrictive and difficult to follow programs for a contemporary and scientifically rationale approach.

What is different about our program?

  • A medical evaluation to identify and address why you store fat.
  • Detailed instructions to identify and avoid toxins in your food, home and work environment.
  • Designed to optimize clearance of toxins, decrease inflammation and balance hormones.
  • Prescription hormone replacement where appropriate.
  • Easy to follow instructions on eating real whole foods plus recipes on how to prepare these foods.
  • Optional B12/Lipotropic injection to aid in fat and toxin breakdown.
  • Accurately measure your progress with weight, BMI, fat percentage and body measurements.
  • Ongoing coaching, encouragement and program adjustments.

Efficient fat loss requires a contemporary approach offered at Inland Naturopathic Medical Center. If you are ready to lose your unwanted fat, look younger and feel better than you have in years, call our office today to schedule an appointment.