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Sugar Blues: Discover the connection between sugar consumption and the detrimental affects on the digestive system and overall health by Paula Cody and Dr. Ayo Bankole
Saturday September 20th from 11 AM to 12:30 PM at INMC

Inland Naturopathic Medical Center offers comprehensive, holistic care for the entire family. Our doctors are experts at providing the best of natural therapies to promote your body’s healing processes rather than simply treating symptoms or laboratory values. We treat the underlying cause of illness and provide individually tailored treatment plans to meet your unique needs. Using nutritional intervention, lifestyle improvements, chiropractic, botanical medicine, bio-identical hormones, detoxification, chelation therapy and intravenous nutritional therapy you’ll optimize your biochemistry and avoid the over reliance on medications.

Our doctors treat women’s issues, obesity, diabetes, fatigue, cardiovascular disease, gastrointestinal problems, allergies, heavy metal toxicities, pain and other conditions.  Along with utilizing conventional lab testing, examination for nutritional deficiencies, digestive function, environmental toxins and hormonal imbalances are performed as appropriate to find the cause of your illness. 


For more information or to visit with one of our doctors to achieve the health you deserve call 909-981-9200.